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The Agony of Not Knowing

Tuesdays are hard for Myron Porter and his family. So is the 23rd of the month.

What is even more difficult is not knowing the fate of his son, Zachary, who went missing July 23, 2013 — not knowing where he has been for the last eight months, or what happened to him.

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  • This piece was a great honor for me to write. Also written for my MSCM 487 internship with the News-Register, the man’s father, Myron, contacted us to get his story out into the community to keep it alive. It has been almost a year and nothing has happened, so I wanted this article to highlight the persistence of grief and loss. This piece was well-received by the community and spread awareness about Zack’s disappearance, hopefully encouraging anyone with information to come forward to the police.

Pastor Harrop Headed Back to Boston

This spring marks Kent Harrop’s 20th as pastor at First Baptist Church of McMinnville. But it also marks his departure to Massachusetts, where he will be taking his message of compassion and unity to the First Baptist Church of Beverly, Mass.

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  • I wrote this article for my MSCM 487 Internship at the McMinnville News-Register, where I write news and feature stories about issues or people in the community. Pastor Harrop is widely known in McMinnville, and people have certainly been sad to see him go. I enjoyed interviewing Harrop and writing about his warm and colorful personality. One of the best things about writing articles like these is that I get to connect with wonderful and fascinating people I might not have otherwise gotten the chance to meet.

The Spirit of the Highway Traveler

Every day, Joe sits atop his backpack on the corner of a busy street in McMinnville. He calls himself a highway traveler, living off the land and the kindness of people in the community. With his weathered and tested hands, he holds a sign with the word “veteran” scrawled on it. This word alone reveals a deep and complex story.

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  • I wrote this piece for a project in my MSCM 360: Topics in Media, War & Culture. We were required to locate war veterans and write profile articles, capturing the complexities and essence of those who have served in war. I chose to interview a homeless man who lives in McMinnville, Ore., and while the authenticity or credibility of his story may be questionable, I thoroughly enjoyed profiling such a complex, yet simple, human being.

Standing Where the Greats Have Stood

A camping trip in North Cascades National Park wasn’t planned, but Professor David Sumner ended up right where fire lookout literature originated.

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  • This article, for MSCM 375 Reporting, was one of my favorites to write. Professor Sumner was a great interview subject and talked at passionate length on his research of fire lookout literature. His words inspired me to find these mountains, and I hope that my article will fascinate readers, as well.

The Art of Debate Behind Bars

20-year-old Megan wasn’t intimidated by the unusual task at hand–teaching inmates at a maximum-security prison how to debate.

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  • This piece was written for MSCM 375 Reporting. In this class we are solely responsible for finding our own story ideas and writing them for publication. We are encouraged to think outside of the box and find unique stories to tell. I am especially attracted to unusual feature stories such as this. I thoroughly enjoyed writing this story about Megan and her prison debaters and have gotten great feedback on it from readers.


Winemaker discovers secrets to sustainability and success

This is a feature article about winemaker Susan Sokol Blosser. She owns a sustainable winery in Oregon and is deeply involved in the Yamhill County community.

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  • This was the first profile article I wrote, and I was instantly hooked. I wrote this for my Introduction to Media Writing course and knew it was the kind of thing I wanted to continue writing. I loved getting to know a person and conveying their essence through a handcrafted and well thought out article.