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The Agony of Not Knowing

Tuesdays are hard for Myron Porter and his family. So is the 23rd of the month.

What is even more difficult is not knowing the fate of his son, Zachary, who went missing July 23, 2013 — not knowing where he has been for the last eight months, or what happened to him.

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  • This piece was a great honor for me to write. Also written for my MSCM 487 internship with the News-Register, the man’s father, Myron, contacted us to get his story out into the community to keep it alive. It has been almost a year and nothing has happened, so I wanted this article to highlight the persistence of grief and loss. This piece was well-received by the community and spread awareness about Zack’s disappearance, hopefully encouraging anyone with information to come forward to the police.