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Mac Man Leads Referendum Drive

A McMinnville man is helping lead a drive to force referral to voters of Senate Bill 833, which gives driving privileges to people who are here illegally. The campaign is being directed by Oregonians for Immigration Reform, based in Salem. Co-founded by McMinnville resident Jim Ludwick, it needs to gather at least 58,000 valid signatures by Oct. 4 (2013) to force an election.

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  • I wrote this article for MSCM 375 Reporting. Jim Ludwick spoke with our class as a mock interview, detailing his efforts to bring the bill to voter consideration. One goal of the Reporting class is to have our work published in any publication. The managing editor of the local newspaper published it, saying it was up to par with a professional account.




The Art of Debate Behind Bars

20-year-old Megan wasn’t intimidated by the unusual task at hand–teaching inmates at a maximum-security prison how to debate.

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  • This piece was written for MSCM 375 Reporting. In this class we are solely responsible for finding our own story ideas and writing them for publication. We are encouraged to think outside of the box and find unique stories to tell. I am especially attracted to unusual feature stories such as this. I thoroughly enjoyed writing this story about Megan and her prison debaters and have gotten great feedback on it from readers.